• Glastonbury Check One

    Glastonbury Check One
    We have been trading at festivals since 1993 when we started with our own handmade jewellery selling from a blanket, our first Glastonbury was 1995 and we traded on the way up to the stone circle from a blanket as it was easy to grab it with all the stock and disappear when the security would come chasing us all away.   Glastonbury, Check...
  • The Bad The Good and The Muddy

    The Bad The Good and The Muddy
    We were in a fix, all of us, thousands of us, it was July 2009. The story was that the government had sabotaged the festival at the very last minute. How ? We didn't know. Why? We could guess. What were we going to do now, where could we go? We needed to work as we had just lost our rent money. The Big...
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